Medical Marijuana

How many of you actually had a thought that marijuana or as most of us from the 60s and 70s like to call it POT had a medical side to her? For centuries people used the pant for medical reasons.  The days of calling everyone that use pot a Pot Head is over.

If it helps us with things like  seizures, vomiting, joint pain, depression and helping after cancer treatments What is so wrong with that??

Yes I’m going to say it Alcohol is legal and that liquid makes most people unable to drive or have any reasoning about life. Some people while drinking become (as the song says) “10 feet tall and bullet proof.” Hell we know that is not the case  and you can get your ass kicked in a hurry. In my life time I have seen many grown man drinking and some start crying like a baby, others want to fight, then some just want to hug everybody and kiss them on the cheek, these guys love everyone all of a sudden.  Then there are the  ones that take all his clothed off thinking he is a Chippendale stripper.

What is worse  some of these guys get in a car and insist they can drive.   The odds of stopping them sometimes is not so good.

Ok fellows I’m not picking on just you. The ladies at times drink to much and become  super stars and like their male counter parts I’ve seen some become very 10 feet tall and bullet proof. There are those that cry after the second drink…. Why ? it’s a downer and that can bring out the depressed side of someone’s personality.

Then we have the really smart ones that drink until they cannot remember what  they did or that they vomited for an hour. “I like to say prayed the the Toilet.” Someone tell me how is that having a good time?

Look closer at the pot plant. Have you ever researched marijuana plants other than to smoke it or get high, sha? The time has come to start taking a better look my friend.

In this world today we have the large pharmaceutical companies that control our use of the good side  of pot and get high side of this  beautiful plant. These people want us to keep buying their chemical drugs that I must admit helps us for the most part and you need to stay on your medication your doctor tells you to take but, what if there is something else not so hard on your body? Would you be willing to try it? Would you ask your doctor to help you?  I know there are drugs out there that help you on one hand and tear up something else on the  other hand. I’m on 12 pills  a day doing that to me sha and I don’t like it.

Try looking up the medical side of pot. You will be amazed to find out there are matching canabidiol in marijuanna plants and in our body, so God made the paint for us to use not only to get high but too help  the body heal it’s self. Why would God match us up with pot  if it is just to get high??

If your doctor says I’ll give you some Marinol it’s the synthetic form of THC, what do you say (if it its not an emergency ) ? “What doctor??? Do I want fake crawfish??? Hell no!!  Depending on what your problem is you could ask for Sativex (pot) so you can get up a little energy. This is not a night time pot if you want to sleep. She gives you energy and power to get things done.

Now if sleeping is a problem ask for Indic she will help you chill and get good sleep. Then if you have aches and pains in th joints try a little lotion with the right mixture to help you inflammation. A medical Marijuana Dispensary should be able to help you get what its right for you.

You might ask why do I call the plants she?? The female plant is the best. If your area lets you grow your own plants and you can be lucky enough to get clones one of each Indic, and  Sative  treat them with loving care and they in turn will take care of you. 

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