Shopping Maddness

My Cajun View

When trying to start a blog, it seems almost everything has been written before, so I’ll just write what is on my mind.  Now the trick is to pin one subject at a time down and write.

Ever wake up and your mind is every where? I mean it’s trying to pack a whole days worth of “to dos” and “should dos” in a few seconds. Now that’s Ok if it lets me get my coffee in me first.

Full disclosure : I want every retail store to make a great income especially small home town stores cause they do not try to drain you of all your money and it is family.  The Big Stores well that’s another kittle of fish.

What’s with all the holidays? In Cajun land (South Louisiana) things get started at Halloween. Yes those little ghost and goblins  running around our yards lets you know it’s time to get your Cajun Thanksgiving on.

Really if you look around and admit it the retail stores start brainwashing in July by saying “Christmas in July Sale” they know all of us has been brain washed or hypnotized so putting that word Christmas out there triggers the shopping mode.

If that does not  start the madness as Thanksgiving approaches you hear “Jiggle Bells”, “Here Comes Santa Claus”, and a few others which are key words to

put our mind into the hypnotic state of shopping. It fires up the shopping (I like to call it) hormones. No worries if that does not do the trick then walk into any large retail store and there it is….  Christmas decorations ! The ultimate symbols of mind control. These my friend have been put in the front of most of us since day 1 on earth. Yes they are so far into our consciousness I’m not sure if they can be rooted out.

No matter if you can afford it or not you got to have buy a gift or decorations it. Thats the begin of some of us going into melt downs or  we try to hide from the Holiday fever. As far as I know sha there has not been a vaccine we can take for that yet but let the big brothers find a way to make us shop more and yes, you will shop.   If the vaccine is invented take  your shot.

When you live in Cajun land we  go from  Halloween, Christmas, New Years then right into Madi Gras one extra for us.

But of course we will not run and hide because (in my option) we are social humans and want to be with the family and friends and for some , try to follow all the rules set down thousands of years ago by Who??? Does it make you wonder who set these rules , are we just sheep following the big person in front of us, to scared to question things.

You may not want to admit it but we have been lied to all our lives starting centuries ago. I know it is easier to believe the lie than admit we have been lied to since day 1.

This is my rant for the day.

May your pot always be fun of crawfish sha

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