Rabbit Hole Introduction

My blogs are going to maybe make some of you said,”Sha you done gone totally cray cray (crazy). Well maybe but some will open their minds and expand their consciousness. Even in the bayou country we can be opened minded. Maybe there is a reality that was not taught to us or we were taught only what they (lets call them upper management) wants us to know. 

Yes I believe everything that was spoon feed to me from the moment I was born until I started looking around and reading more than school books or what I was told to read. All books are written from one person point of view so if you do not look around the corner then how do we know it is the total truth? I choose to read and see how my guts feel about the book or story. 

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

Before we go into my Rabbit Holes ” I agree to disagree. No need to argue, everyone has the right to their own mind and options.”

Here we go:

1.First is the earth a ball or Flat?

2. Are we really free?

3. What is really going on in Antarctic?

4. Who are the Illuminati, we really need to look into that gang.

5. Do we really have Lizard People ?? Sha that cannot be good.

6. Where are our Angels?? God sent them to us. 

7. Hole in the center of the earth ? Admiral Richard E. Bryd flew right into it.

8. Chemtrails what the heck…. weather weapons.

9. Should we listen to the scientist??

10. How much money does NAAS take from the tax payers of U.S.A. ? Are they telling us the whole truth?

Now go research don’t believe me. I’m asking you to.






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