Post Office Love

Funny how I love the Post Office so much. One reason I feel that love for the Post Office is because back in the early 60s I had a pen pal from the other side of the country …..wish I could remember where. At that time I do remember I was in second grade making F marks  already in spelling. When you write backwards adults get mean. Anyway, that year my teacher (Miss Verisa) got everyone a pen pal at the begging of the year. The lesson here was to see how other people lived and learn how to use the post office.  That met getting mail.

Then my Dad use let me pick up the mail for the gasoline station now and then.  As a child I felt so grown up. Time rolled on and once again a teacher 6 grade (Mrs. Bayham) for what is now know as social studies put her class in a program which  got us pen pals from all over the world. This was  so we could see how others lived and that we are all the same in the over all theme of life.  Mine was from Asia. Not sure what part anymore. So that fueled my love of the Post Office once again. 

I still love going to the post office and getting a letter from a freind. Now a days it’s harder because most people us e-mail, which I love but it is not the same as holding a hand written note from a freind.  I’m forunet enough to have an awesome friend from Canada that loves art as much as I do so form time to time we draw or paint on the envolopes. What a great gift.


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