Will it stop???

The final vote happened start  moving forward and stop wasting our tax payers money. Yet the bacground noise is starting again. How many years as  an American are we (working people) going to put up with the bull shit form our government  left or right side?

I do uneratand our country is not perfect but it is close enoung. Yes we are over taxed and that is our flaut we did not stand up an say stop,the goverment just kept groing.  Instade we allow ourself  to become brain washed.  It is hard for people we are puppets if we do not look up and stsnd jup for ourselevs.

American’s history is not pertty but look around at other countries. Has any country on this earth has been  perfect with a wonderwful start?? None.

If a group of people really want to trun this countsy into a socialist country why don’t they just go find a country that is already a  socialist  country and as a tax contributor I would be happy to spend my tax money on a one way ticket for them. No hard feelings and hope they enjoy their new country.

Now let’s move forward time to get things done. If you are working  as a government personal stop fighting our President or leave your job and if you don’t like that move out of America.  It is time to put our inferastructure back together.  It is time to keep our coutnry the best on earth.


Yes I have my right to my opion and so do you…. I agree to disagree.

Go enjoy your Day




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