Rabbit Hole #1




Do you like being brain washed? Well I bet you 2 sacks of crawfish if you look back over the years you just might find out we were. It is hard to get most people to wake up and look for the truth (IMOP).”It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” By Mark Twain

Can you remember how far back in your life the earth was show as a glob? It started for me in grade school, on TV, and books. We were taught it is a ball spinning at about 1,600 m.p.h. around the sun, wobbling all over the universe . We also believed in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy .

Many of you believe the Bible is the world of God or at least divine inspiration from Spirit. How many of you believe each person has he right to interpret their Bible as their spirt says what is right for them? What would you say if I said “The Earth is Flat?”  That in the Bible there are about  60 verses that could be interpreted as saying the Earth is Flat and stable with a Dome over it.

  The Bible does not comment on the shape of the Earth. It does not say the Earth is Flat or a Ball shape. It does say Firmament (Dome).

Genesis  1- 8 describes creation of our home.

Isaiah 40:22 He sat upon the circle (not ball) of Earth

Psalms 104:5 He laid he foundations of the earth that it should not be removed forever.

Psalm 19:1 The Heavens declare’s the glory of God and the firmament (Dome) sheath his handy work.

Genesis 1:14 GOD put tight in the firmament.

There are many other verses which could be saying our home (Earth) is flat, look them up.

People of Antiquity like the Hebrews, and the Israelites agreed that the world was a large flat, circular disk anchored in waters below. Some will say it is because they did not have science, so they did not know better.

Great minds like Greek scholars only speculated the earth was round like a ball. Isaac newton (British physicist and mathematician) (1643 – 1727) proposed the Earth was not perfectly round.

Open your minds search for your truth.  Why would you believe the earth is a spinning ball? Cause Scientists told you this? Photos from  NASA? Really? Question everything please.

Below is a plan I found on the web posted  some of these ring true.

1. Do not let them know you are controlling them.

2. Keep them ignorant.

3. Do not allow for original thought.

4. Keep them entertained.

5. Use an authoritative tone when speaking.

6. Have the appearance of power.

7. Take control of every situation possible.

8. Dangle the carrot in from of them. (Riches by hard work)

9. Instill guilt and fear of the consequences.  (Jail/Hell)

10. Manipulate their emotions (mind control).

Now let the above sink in sha. Ok here is  my interpretation of the above:

1. Always act as a friend and  companion in every situation the people bring to you, no matter what it is.

2. Teach people what we want them to know. They must come to the experts for advice.

3. Come to us for everything, we have to approve anything.

4. Sha this is a big one. TV, movies, and yes iPhone and I’m addict to my phone which reports my every move to the government. They knew what they were doing by putting the cell phone out there.  Almost everyone now has to own one which the goverment  can watch our moves and the emotions of the country. No more going to the swamp and no one can find you unless you leave the phone home.  How many of us  misplace our phones and painc sets in?

5. In this here day and age not may people respects much so I guess this is a hard one for the government to deal with so  they keep the people scared. Look at the news it’s mostly bad.

6. Look around government and church buildings can be some dressed up.

7. Oh sha this a good one. Flooding, fires, hurricanes , shootings and UFOs run people let us (government ) care for you….  Give us your guns.  No need to round us up we will go on our own. So sad.

8. Everyday we are told work hard if you want to get ahead in life, but yet it seems like we are just stuck in mud.

9. This is another good one. If you don’t listen in jail you go. If God sees you doing something bad, hell is your next stop.

10. Always putting things on TV, Billboards, repeating stuff over  and over until it get into your soul. Brainwashing at it’s best.



Good look things up. Don’t take my word for it.

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