Will it stop???

The final vote happened start  moving forward and stop wasting our tax payers money. Yet the bacground noise is starting again. How many years as  an American are we (working people) going to put up with the bull shit form our government  left or right side?

I do uneratand our country is not perfect but it is close enoung. Yes we are over taxed and that is our flaut we did not stand up an say stop,the goverment just kept groing.  Instade we allow ourself  to become brain washed.  It is hard for people we are puppets if we do not look up and stsnd jup for ourselevs.

American’s history is not pertty but look around at other countries. Has any country on this earth has been  perfect with a wonderwful start?? None.

If a group of people really want to trun this countsy into a socialist country why don’t they just go find a country that is already a  socialist  country and as a tax contributor I would be happy to spend my tax money on a one way ticket for them. No hard feelings and hope they enjoy their new country.

Now let’s move forward time to get things done. If you are working  as a government personal stop fighting our President or leave your job and if you don’t like that move out of America.  It is time to put our inferastructure back together.  It is time to keep our coutnry the best on earth.


Yes I have my right to my opion and so do you…. I agree to disagree.

Go enjoy your Day





Post Office Love

Funny how I love the Post Office so much. One reason I feel that love for the Post Office is because back in the early 60s I had a pen pal from the other side of the country …..wish I could remember where. At that time I do remember I was in second grade making F marks  already in spelling. When you write backwards adults get mean. Anyway, that year my teacher (Miss Verisa) got everyone a pen pal at the begging of the year. The lesson here was to see how other people lived and learn how to use the post office.  That met getting mail.

Then my Dad use let me pick up the mail for the gasoline station now and then.  As a child I felt so grown up. Time rolled on and once again a teacher 6 grade (Mrs. Bayham) for what is now know as social studies put her class in a program which  got us pen pals from all over the world. This was  so we could see how others lived and that we are all the same in the over all theme of life.  Mine was from Asia. Not sure what part anymore. So that fueled my love of the Post Office once again. 

I still love going to the post office and getting a letter from a freind. Now a days it’s harder because most people us e-mail, which I love but it is not the same as holding a hand written note from a freind.  I’m forunet enough to have an awesome friend from Canada that loves art as much as I do so form time to time we draw or paint on the envolopes. What a great gift.



Remember when back between the 50s throw the  90s you could give your post man and  newspaper delivery boy a Christmas gift??

Fast forward to now. You put a gift out for your postal person. They pick it up, it makes a strange noise….. scaring the hell out of postal person….. He/she calls the boom squad. 

Boom squad shows up locks your house down along with blocks all around you. S.W.A.T. arrives, grabs you put you in hand cuffs.

The gift is put into a boom box. 

Welcome to present moment. 


Cajun Wolf women view 




Marley says,  “how ya doing sha?

 It has been a while since I wrote anything…. Why?  Life,  It has a way of bring me up, down, side ways, and backwards.  Time (I know it is not a real thing) gets away from me then seems to start moving faster and faster. Since my last post so many things have happened I just want to start over, so this week I will….. Have not had much time for research the last month or more.  Will pick a subject soon and give ya’ll a little information on the  subject then my option on it.


So take a deep breath and relax…. I”ll be back.


Choose joy today.

Out the Rabbit Hole


Life has become so messy it was time for me to come up for air. This cat is my little boy, his name is Marley.  Sitting in the back yard with me is one of his favoirte things to do. I read to him, not that he cares but it gives me time to study my crazy rabbit holes. We have taken a brieak  to do doctors appiontments which seem to be more and more has the years roll by. 

Here is my suggestion on this subject,,,, make each appoiment a mini vacation, hell they are taken most of your money anyway, so why not enjoy a littlde something when you have to go visit the docotrs. Why do we say visit that’s one hell of an expensive visit each time you drop by. 

Enjoy your day. It’s bottle water time….. 


Rabbit Hole #1




Do you like being brain washed? Well I bet you 2 sacks of crawfish if you look back over the years you just might find out we were. It is hard to get most people to wake up and look for the truth (IMOP).”It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” By Mark Twain

Can you remember how far back in your life the earth was show as a glob? It started for me in grade school, on TV, and books. We were taught it is a ball spinning at about 1,600 m.p.h. around the sun, wobbling all over the universe . We also believed in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy .

Many of you believe the Bible is the world of God or at least divine inspiration from Spirit. How many of you believe each person has he right to interpret their Bible as their spirt says what is right for them? What would you say if I said “The Earth is Flat?”  That in the Bible there are about  60 verses that could be interpreted as saying the Earth is Flat and stable with a Dome over it.

  The Bible does not comment on the shape of the Earth. It does not say the Earth is Flat or a Ball shape. It does say Firmament (Dome).

Genesis  1- 8 describes creation of our home.

Isaiah 40:22 He sat upon the circle (not ball) of Earth

Psalms 104:5 He laid he foundations of the earth that it should not be removed forever.

Psalm 19:1 The Heavens declare’s the glory of God and the firmament (Dome) sheath his handy work.

Genesis 1:14 GOD put tight in the firmament.

There are many other verses which could be saying our home (Earth) is flat, look them up.

People of Antiquity like the Hebrews, and the Israelites agreed that the world was a large flat, circular disk anchored in waters below. Some will say it is because they did not have science, so they did not know better.

Great minds like Greek scholars only speculated the earth was round like a ball. Isaac newton (British physicist and mathematician) (1643 – 1727) proposed the Earth was not perfectly round.

Open your minds search for your truth.  Why would you believe the earth is a spinning ball? Cause Scientists told you this? Photos from  NASA? Really? Question everything please.

Below is a plan I found on the web posted  some of these ring true.

1. Do not let them know you are controlling them.

2. Keep them ignorant.

3. Do not allow for original thought.

4. Keep them entertained.

5. Use an authoritative tone when speaking.

6. Have the appearance of power.

7. Take control of every situation possible.

8. Dangle the carrot in from of them. (Riches by hard work)

9. Instill guilt and fear of the consequences.  (Jail/Hell)

10. Manipulate their emotions (mind control).

Now let the above sink in sha. Ok here is  my interpretation of the above:

1. Always act as a friend and  companion in every situation the people bring to you, no matter what it is.

2. Teach people what we want them to know. They must come to the experts for advice.

3. Come to us for everything, we have to approve anything.

4. Sha this is a big one. TV, movies, and yes iPhone and I’m addict to my phone which reports my every move to the government. They knew what they were doing by putting the cell phone out there.  Almost everyone now has to own one which the goverment  can watch our moves and the emotions of the country. No more going to the swamp and no one can find you unless you leave the phone home.  How many of us  misplace our phones and painc sets in?

5. In this here day and age not may people respects much so I guess this is a hard one for the government to deal with so  they keep the people scared. Look at the news it’s mostly bad.

6. Look around government and church buildings can be some dressed up.

7. Oh sha this a good one. Flooding, fires, hurricanes , shootings and UFOs run people let us (government ) care for you….  Give us your guns.  No need to round us up we will go on our own. So sad.

8. Everyday we are told work hard if you want to get ahead in life, but yet it seems like we are just stuck in mud.

9. This is another good one. If you don’t listen in jail you go. If God sees you doing something bad, hell is your next stop.

10. Always putting things on TV, Billboards, repeating stuff over  and over until it get into your soul. Brainwashing at it’s best.



Good look things up. Don’t take my word for it.

Rabbit Hole Introduction

My blogs are going to maybe make some of you said,”Sha you done gone totally cray cray (crazy). Well maybe but some will open their minds and expand their consciousness. Even in the bayou country we can be opened minded. Maybe there is a reality that was not taught to us or we were taught only what they (lets call them upper management) wants us to know. 

Yes I believe everything that was spoon feed to me from the moment I was born until I started looking around and reading more than school books or what I was told to read. All books are written from one person point of view so if you do not look around the corner then how do we know it is the total truth? I choose to read and see how my guts feel about the book or story. 

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

Before we go into my Rabbit Holes ” I agree to disagree. No need to argue, everyone has the right to their own mind and options.”

Here we go:

1.First is the earth a ball or Flat?

2. Are we really free?

3. What is really going on in Antarctic?

4. Who are the Illuminati, we really need to look into that gang.

5. Do we really have Lizard People ?? Sha that cannot be good.

6. Where are our Angels?? God sent them to us. 

7. Hole in the center of the earth ? Admiral Richard E. Bryd flew right into it.

8. Chemtrails what the heck…. weather weapons.

9. Should we listen to the scientist??

10. How much money does NAAS take from the tax payers of U.S.A. ? Are they telling us the whole truth?

Now go research don’t believe me. I’m asking you to.






Shopping Maddness

My Cajun View

When trying to start a blog, it seems almost everything has been written before, so I’ll just write what is on my mind.  Now the trick is to pin one subject at a time down and write.

Ever wake up and your mind is every where? I mean it’s trying to pack a whole days worth of “to dos” and “should dos” in a few seconds. Now that’s Ok if it lets me get my coffee in me first.

Full disclosure : I want every retail store to make a great income especially small home town stores cause they do not try to drain you of all your money and it is family.  The Big Stores well that’s another kittle of fish.

What’s with all the holidays? In Cajun land (South Louisiana) things get started at Halloween. Yes those little ghost and goblins  running around our yards lets you know it’s time to get your Cajun Thanksgiving on.

Really if you look around and admit it the retail stores start brainwashing in July by saying “Christmas in July Sale” they know all of us has been brain washed or hypnotized so putting that word Christmas out there triggers the shopping mode.

If that does not  start the madness as Thanksgiving approaches you hear “Jiggle Bells”, “Here Comes Santa Claus”, and a few others which are key words to

put our mind into the hypnotic state of shopping. It fires up the shopping (I like to call it) hormones. No worries if that does not do the trick then walk into any large retail store and there it is….  Christmas decorations ! The ultimate symbols of mind control. These my friend have been put in the front of most of us since day 1 on earth. Yes they are so far into our consciousness I’m not sure if they can be rooted out.

No matter if you can afford it or not you got to have buy a gift or decorations it. Thats the begin of some of us going into melt downs or  we try to hide from the Holiday fever. As far as I know sha there has not been a vaccine we can take for that yet but let the big brothers find a way to make us shop more and yes, you will shop.   If the vaccine is invented take  your shot.

When you live in Cajun land we  go from  Halloween, Christmas, New Years then right into Madi Gras one extra for us.

But of course we will not run and hide because (in my option) we are social humans and want to be with the family and friends and for some , try to follow all the rules set down thousands of years ago by Who??? Does it make you wonder who set these rules , are we just sheep following the big person in front of us, to scared to question things.

You may not want to admit it but we have been lied to all our lives starting centuries ago. I know it is easier to believe the lie than admit we have been lied to since day 1.

This is my rant for the day.

May your pot always be fun of crawfish sha

Medical Marijuana

How many of you actually had a thought that marijuana or as most of us from the 60s and 70s like to call it POT had a medical side to her? For centuries people used the pant for medical reasons.  The days of calling everyone that use pot a Pot Head is over.

If it helps us with things like  seizures, vomiting, joint pain, depression and helping after cancer treatments What is so wrong with that??

Yes I’m going to say it Alcohol is legal and that liquid makes most people unable to drive or have any reasoning about life. Some people while drinking become (as the song says) “10 feet tall and bullet proof.” Hell we know that is not the case  and you can get your ass kicked in a hurry. In my life time I have seen many grown man drinking and some start crying like a baby, others want to fight, then some just want to hug everybody and kiss them on the cheek, these guys love everyone all of a sudden.  Then there are the  ones that take all his clothed off thinking he is a Chippendale stripper.

What is worse  some of these guys get in a car and insist they can drive.   The odds of stopping them sometimes is not so good.

Ok fellows I’m not picking on just you. The ladies at times drink to much and become  super stars and like their male counter parts I’ve seen some become very 10 feet tall and bullet proof. There are those that cry after the second drink…. Why ? it’s a downer and that can bring out the depressed side of someone’s personality.

Then we have the really smart ones that drink until they cannot remember what  they did or that they vomited for an hour. “I like to say prayed the the Toilet.” Someone tell me how is that having a good time?

Look closer at the pot plant. Have you ever researched marijuana plants other than to smoke it or get high, sha? The time has come to start taking a better look my friend.

In this world today we have the large pharmaceutical companies that control our use of the good side  of pot and get high side of this  beautiful plant. These people want us to keep buying their chemical drugs that I must admit helps us for the most part and you need to stay on your medication your doctor tells you to take but, what if there is something else not so hard on your body? Would you be willing to try it? Would you ask your doctor to help you?  I know there are drugs out there that help you on one hand and tear up something else on the  other hand. I’m on 12 pills  a day doing that to me sha and I don’t like it.

Try looking up the medical side of pot. You will be amazed to find out there are matching canabidiol in marijuanna plants and in our body, so God made the paint for us to use not only to get high but too help  the body heal it’s self. Why would God match us up with pot  if it is just to get high??

If your doctor says I’ll give you some Marinol it’s the synthetic form of THC, what do you say (if it its not an emergency ) ? “What doctor??? Do I want fake crawfish??? Hell no!!  Depending on what your problem is you could ask for Sativex (pot) so you can get up a little energy. This is not a night time pot if you want to sleep. She gives you energy and power to get things done.

Now if sleeping is a problem ask for Indic she will help you chill and get good sleep. Then if you have aches and pains in th joints try a little lotion with the right mixture to help you inflammation. A medical Marijuana Dispensary should be able to help you get what its right for you.

You might ask why do I call the plants she?? The female plant is the best. If your area lets you grow your own plants and you can be lucky enough to get clones one of each Indic, and  Sative  treat them with loving care and they in turn will take care of you. 

Continue reading “Medical Marijuana”

100 % Sure

Looks like I had this account under another name since 2014. I’m 100% sure I do not know how to blog. I just wrote a blog and it is now gone.

So I’m going to sit and write what ever is on my mind at the time. If you wish you can follow me down my many rabbit holes. There will be topics some will not like others might find interesting.

I encourage everyone to research for themselves, instead of getting mad.

Full Disclosures 

I agree to disagree.